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4.    Prattsville Development and History

Prattsville Town Hall ... was the Academy in the mid-1800's, but it had two floors then.  Now the Town Hall, Library and Police sub-station.
Prattsville Town Hall, the former 1847 Academy

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Monthly Prattsville Town meetings are open to the public.  A list is below, and in front of Town Hall


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Old photo of the town school, today's Town Hall building and Satellite Sheriff's office

Welcome to Prattsville               Town of Prattsville Regular Meetings

Monthly Meetings (open to the public)

Group Day Location Time
Chamber of Commerce 1st Tuesday Floating Locations - Call ahead 7:00 PM
Town Meeting 2nd Monday Town Hall 6:30 PM
Mountain Top Supervisors 4th Monday Floating by town 7:00 PM
Town Court Every Tuesday Town Hall 7:00 PM
Stream Management When needed Town Hall

Town of Prattsville Special Events Calendar

  2003 Pratt Museum Events    Check the Pratt Museum website
  2003 Town of Prattsville Events  
April 26 - 27, 2003
8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Prattsville Fishing Derby

Join us for the Prattsville Fishing Derby

Register at the Agway

or call Larry at 518-299-8983

Sponsored by Prattsville Chamber of Commerce and Prattsville Rescue Squad

May 18, 2003 ATV Event  
May 24 - 26, 2003
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Prattsville Yard Sale - town-wide yard sale
June 15, 2003 ATV Event date subject to change
June 29, 2003 GYMKHANA games on horseback
July 5-6, 2003
Sat: 1 p.m. & 6 p.m.
Sun: 2 p.m.

You must see the pro-rodeo in Prattsville July 1-2

Prattsville Rodeo - 4th year - Top National Cowboys, Trick Show, Rodeo Clowns, Parade, sponsored by the Prattsville Chamber of Commerce Rodeo will be held at Conine Field in Prattsville.

A unique opportunity to see a professional Rodeo in the Catskills ... summer fun in the Catskills.  Real live western show, tricks, a parade, the band HAIR TRIGGER and lots more ... write to Prattsville Chamber of Commerce, P.O.Box G, Prattsville, NY 12468.  For Advance tickets, call Jim at 518-299-3426: 
Sponsored by Jim's Great American and A.J.Young's AGWAY.
August 17, 2003 King of the Castkills Strong-Man Competition
September 14, 2003 ATV Event  
October 12, 2003 ATV Event  
Visit us for the superb Catskills this year.  Fall Foliage trips and Winter skiing are just part of the fun.  We are busy in the Spring and Summer, too.  Use the directory here to find where to stay, where to eat, where to shop and what to do while you are in the area.

Town of Prattsville Directory 2003   Welcome to Prattsville

Office Individual Phone Number (518)
Fire-Police-Rescue Squad 911  or  943-2112 / 2424
Town Hall 299-3125 - Fax: 299-3014
Post Office 299-3628
Green County Sheriff-Satellite 299-3051
Health Clinic 299-3001
Margaretville Hospital 845-586-2631
Town Supervisor Al Huggins 299-3142
Deputy Town Supervisor Michelle Brainard 299-3125
Councilperson Rudy Ehlers 299-3125
Councilperson David Martin 299-3125
Councilperson Richard Morse 299-3125
Councilperson Arnold Jaeger 299-3125
Town Clerk Millie Harkness 299-3181
Assessor Gary Marks (299-3125 Wed) 845-586-4400
Bookkeeper Marlene Burgess 299-3125
Chamber of Commerce Jim Young/Larry Paccione 299-3246/8983
Code Enforcement Officer Audrey Tompkins 607-588-9446
Dog Control Officer Bruce Feml 589-6155
Fair Housing Bob Gurley, Sr. 299-3219
Fire House   299-3288
Health Officer Dr. Richard Nocella 299-3001
Highway Superintendent William Sutton 299-3394
Historian Muriel Pons 299-3295
Hose Company Randy Brainerd, Sr. 299-3276
Hose Company Auxiliary Debbie Dymond 299-3236
Justice Bob Blain, Sr. 299-3125
Justice Don Olson 299-3125
Little League Steve Ramundo 299-3273
Newspaper Windham Journal 734-4400
Planning Board - Prattsville James Dymond 299-3236
Postmaster Richard Towne 299-3628
Rescue Squad Doug Slater 299-3603
Summer Recreation Debra Sutch 299-3626
Town Tax Collection Virginia Kennedy 299-3125
Town Garage Bill Sutton 299-3394
Water Clerk/Treasurer Clara Murphy 299-3625
Water Superintendent James Dymond 299-3236
Youth Director Debra Sutch 299-3626


Other Services

Individual Phone Number (518)
American Legion Arnold Jaeger 299-3635
American Legion Auxiliary Roseanne Cross 299-8993
BOCES - NCOC Grand Gorge 607-588-6291
Cemetery - Fairlawn Town 299-3125
Community Action Edward Daly 943-9205
Coroner Billie A.Jakebleft 734-3358
Emergency Preparedness Bob Darling - Greene County

John Farrell
EMS/Fire Coordinator

Family Health Center Dr.Nocella 299-3001
Gilboa-Conesville School Matthew Murray - Superintendent 607-588-7541
Head Start Patricia Watkins 299-3207
Meals On Wheels - Jewett Ellie McNeill 263-4392
Pratt Museum Director 299-3395



  Phone Number (518)
Huntersfield Christian Center Pastor: Roger Shafer 299-3347
Reformed Dutch Church of America Pastor:  Dianna Smith 299-3599
United Methodist Church Pastor: Elliot Oakes 299-3449


County, State, Federal Government

Greene County

  Phone Number (518)
Greene County Legislature   943-3080
Legistator James Hitchcock 734-3194
Legistator Gunther Ohm 622-9398
Sheriff Richard Hussey 943-3300
Chairman of the Legistature  Frank Stabile 943-3080
Clerk of the Legislature Don Olson 943-3080

New York State

  Phone Number (518)
Governor George Pataki 474-8390
Senator John Bonacic 455-3181
Assembly John Faso 455-3751
Veteran Services Bob Whitneck 943-3703


  Phone Number
President George W.Bush 202-456-1414
Senator Charles Schumer 202-224-6542
Senator Hillary Clinton 202-224-4451
Representative John Sweeney 518-828-0181

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